viernes, 25 de junio de 2010

PHOTOS blog's

Aqui unas fotos que los chicos han publicado en su blog


@Basketcase + @aisubekigarakuta + @RDV official website + @sugar3021

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Aska dijo...

Is this a joke, @rum@ ? If yes, it is not funny. I posted those pictures yesterday on my blogspot and oddly, you post the same today, with the same link, in the same order and with the same way as I did it. Moreover, you posted my link of "RDV official website" but... there isn't a picture from it. Oh ! This is so sad. And some of "your" pictures come from AAA official blog, is it in the link ? No, as the link of my blog. Write where you found it, please. I don't want to make a war over you okay ? I don't care if you post it, but be fair, that's all. Thank you by advance.

@rum@ dijo...

tienes toda la razon y de antemano una disculpa porque a la hora de subir las fotos se me olvidó poner en los créditos tu blog pero no vuelve a pasar, yo siempre trato de poner los creditos pero algunas se me olvidan pero sereé más cuidadosa con eso y de antemano una disulpa

Aska dijo...

As long as you put the credits, it's OK. You have the right to put those pictures, they aren't my own but I found it so... well, you understand the principe ? I was very angry this morning when I saw this, AAA fandom is a big thing, it's cool that each of us has a blog about our favourite band but it's also cool to respect the work. You can forget to put a credit though. It's human to make error but it's frustrating to see your work somewhere else whitout thanks or credits. I have no doubt about the fact that you always put the credits so, just put my blog name and all will be alright ;)